Iced Caramel Macchiato (Starbucks Copycat)

If you are like me – I spend way too much money at Starbucks. Between working long hours to doing homework, I always feel like I need to go there for coffee.

This iced caramel macchiato is definitely a treat! (and super easy to make!)

I used my Ninja Coffee Bar to create the concentrated espresso coffee.

Perfect with my cream cheese pumpkin muffins!

Ingredients (for a “venti” sized glass):

  • 2 tablespoons vanilla syrup (or sugar free vanilla)
  • Espresso roast coffee – brewed approx. 5oz
  • Milk (2%, 1%, whole milk, almond milk, etc) approx. 1 cup
  • Ice
  • Caramel Syrup (approx. 2 tablespoons or to taste)


  • Brew your coffee and allow to slightly cool
  • Add ice into your cup
  • Add vanilla syrup to glass
  • Pour coffee on top of milk
  • Add caramel drizzle
  • Stir 🙂
  • Simple, easy, and cost-effetive

XOXO – Darci from Dine with Darci

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